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Hundreds of miles of Forest Service trails, bowls, and meadows await the snowmobiler in Mesa Verde Country. All trails follow the national standard for signage and are marked with orange diamonds. It is important to remember that snow conditions vary considerably from trail to trail and year to year; it is best to check with a Forest Service office before taking off on your adventure.

One of the special treats of snowmobiling in Mesa Verde Country is the opportunity to view wildlife. A large population of elk and deer call the San Juan National Forest home. Please remember to respect wildlife and their habitat, as disrupting animals and chasing them may burn up precious resources they need this time of year.

Areas designated non-motorized are off limits to snowmobiles, and entry into these areas is subject to strict fines and other penalties. Please stay out of these areas, and enjoy the vast acreage that is available in Mesa Verde Country! It is also a good idea to purchase a USG topographic map and a copy of the San Juan Forest Map, and these are available in local bookstores, sporting good stores and the Forest Service Office in Dolores.

  • Check for avalanche potential by calling the Colorado Rockies Avalanche Information in Durango (970.247.8187) or the Avalanche Center in Denver (303.236.9435)
  • Observe good trail manners
  • Get property owner’s consent before snowmobiling on private land
  • Check with officials before using public land
  • Drive with caution in areas with pedestrians and other winter sports activities
  • Do not litter
  • Riding on lakes is allowed but discouraged due to soft spots and risk of collisions
  • Equip each machine with survival kit that includes waterproof matches, nonperishable foods, spare belt, flashlight, space blanket
  • Pay attention to the weather
  • Look out for for grooming permit
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Telluride Ski Resort
  • San Juan National Forest Service Office
  • Dolores District
  • Colorado Welcome Center

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