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Culinary Attractions

Mesa Verde Country has a tapestry of culinary treats that make for a surprising, rich, and connected dining experience. From the original indigenous crops grown here to Southwestern flavors, to the influx of renowned chefs who have made the area home, to the return to farm-to-table tradition, you’ll find a veritable cornucopia of flavors at every meal. And that pairs nicely with local microbrews, wines, and ciders, of course! Eat like a local, or join at the orchard or farm to connect with your meals on a deeper level. Either way, you’ll leave with a taste for southwest Colorado and a hunger to return.


The rich soil of Mesa Verde Country creates strong roots in our growing community. The Ancestral Puebloans farmed these valleys and mesas, including current-day Mesa Verde National Park, until approximately 1300 AD. Growing primarily corn, beans, and squash, they laid the agricultural foundation for today’s farmers, ranchers, and vintners who carry on this long tradition. Modern-day travelers can experience the inner workings of today’s farm and ranch life in Mesa Verde Country with two new tours, starting in May.

Wine & Brews


Across the moon-like landscape of the Four Corners region, it’s difficult to anticipate the beautiful oasis of McElmo Canyon which is home to two unique vintners: Guy Drew Vineyards and Sutcliffe Vineyards. Both wineries are located near the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument.

If a tall, cold beer is more your style, stop by the Main Street Brewery, WildEdge Brewing Collective or J. Fargos in Cortez, the Dolores River Brewery in downtown Dolores, or The Mancos Brewing Company in the heart of Mancos for a freshly brewed hand-crafted ale, lager or seasonal beer. Venture off Grand Avenue in downtown Mancos any Friday between 5 and 10 p.m. to enjoy Ian’s Alley Artisanal Rum. Whatever glass you prefer to raise, Mesa Verde Country has something for everyone.

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