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About Mesa Verde Country

Mesa Verde Country is located in southwest Colorado near the entrance to the magnificent Mesa Verde National Park. Our welcoming communities of Cortez, Dolores, and Mancos offer comfy accommodations, world-class dining, microbreweries and wineries, all kinds of outdoor fun, and visitor services.

The Park and its neighboring communities and wild spaces are what make Mesa Verde Country a destination of superlatives and treasures:

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A Long Weekend in Mesa Verde with Kids

Photos by Kassia Vinsel

When you tell your young children that you’re taking them on vacation to a place rich in history and heritage, with locally sourced foods and quirky motels, they do their happy dance, right? Well maybe not, but we’re here to tell you that the vacation buzzwords that get you excited don’t exclude the wow-factor moments your kids will be talking about for years.

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Our Favorite Events and Experiences in Mesa Verde Country This Holiday Season

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Yes, Mesa Verde Country is geared up for the season with special events that will surely bring a magic touch to your holidays this year.  

If you are looking for a winter vacation filled with unique, made-in-Colorado experiences, Mesa Verde Country will not disappoint you. 

We have selected the best holiday events and winter experiences for you to enjoy while visiting.

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5 Tips for Responsible Travel in Mesa Verde County

By Kassia Lawrence

Traveling is a wonderful way to experience new cultures, incredible views, enjoy new foods, and meet amazing people. Just as traveling will leave positive impacts on you, there are many ways you can leave a positive impact everywhere you go! We have put together five tips for responsible travel in Mesa Verde Country on your next visit.

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Folge den Spuren der Vorfahren im Südwesten Colorados

Historische Zeugnisse der Ancestral Puebloan-Kultur sind über das Colorado Plateau in der Four Corners Region der Vereinigten Staaten verstreut. Fahre durch diese wild-schöne Wüstenlandschaft und erkunde einige der faszinierendsten historischen Stätten entlang des Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway im Südwesten Colorados. 

Dieser Roadtrip bietet einen Nationalpark, drei National Monuments und endlose Ausblicke entlang der Strecke.

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Archaeology Road Trip: 10 Days in the Four Corners Region

By Kassia Lawrence

For the ultimate archaeology road trip through the Four Corners region, look no further! From the Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park to the petroglyphs at Chaco Canyon, the sandstone spires in Canyon de Chelly, and plenty of other incredible dwellings, hikes, and sites in between, this 10-day itinerary is the southwestern archaeology itinerary of a lifetime.

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Stargazing Among Ancient Dwellings

By Kassia Lawrence
A starry night at Hovenweep National Monument

The crisp smell of piñon pines, juniper and sage float through the air as a slight breeze rustles through the desert foliage. Stars twinkle overhead and you can hear the wing beat of a raven as it flies through the dark sky above you. Nearby, an outline of ancient Ancestral Puebloan structures are visible through the starlight and the world feels still and peaceful. Stargaze among ancient dwellings for a unique, thought-provoking experience on your next trip to Mesa Verde Country.

The night skies over Hovenweep National Monument, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument and Mesa Verde National Park are some of the darkest in the country. Because of this, they offer incredible stargazing opportunities year round.

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An Artifact’s Place

By Diane McBride

I was hiking as I often do across the high-desert landscape near my home in Southwest Colorado when I came upon a cultural (archaeological) site. Montezuma County can boast over 24,000 recorded sites and even more that have not been recorded. I looked down and noticed the usual array of flakes from making stone tools and pieces of pottery broken and left here long ago.

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Hospitality & History in Mesa Verde Country

By Nick Cote, Visit USA Parks

Set against a backdrop of pinion-studded mesas and snow-capped peaks, Mesa Verde Country is home to some of the most stunning and unique communities in the West. Come for the scenery and history, but stay for the hospitality and world-class food and beverage scene.

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10 Things to do in Mesa Verde Country

Being close to Mesa Verde National Park certainly has its advantages. This beautiful, incomparable archaeological site, dedicated to so much human mystery, has a way of making CortezMancos, and Dolores stand out.

But that’s not all there is to Mesa Verde Country – around Mesa Verde Country, you’ll find thriving communities filled with outdoor recreationarts & cultureworld-class cuisinelocal wineries & breweries, and the warm, welcoming people of Southwest Colorado. Read on to discover 10 Things to do & see in Mesa Verde Country.

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Seven Day Itinerary


The list of things to do and see in Mesa Verde Country is endless. With so much to do, planning your trip can be a little overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. To make your trip hassle-free we’ve put together a seven-day itinerary. This itinerary highlights some of the most interesting and exciting gems in Mesa Verde Country. We have also included a large variety of activities sure to please different interests and offer new experiences. From archaeological discovery to gallery shopping and mountain biking to fly fishing, this itinerary will keep you busy and always looking forward to your next adventure in Mesa Verde Country.

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Intermediate Mountain Bike Trails in Southwest Colorado

Southwest Colorado is teeming with mountain bike trails that appeal to all levels of riders. If you feel somewhere in the middle–between newbie and aggressive trail hound–the Cortez area of Colorado delivers. On and off the trails, you’ll love the sense of local community, agriculture and ancestral puebloan history that the region is known for.

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Must-Ride Mountain Bike Trails in the Cortez Area

Southwest Colorado is a mountain biker’s paradise. From desert terrain offering zippy descents and technical riding up to the mountains, where you can cool off from the heat and wind through the aspens. There’s a lot of bang for your buck riding in this region! The cultural and historical backbone of southwest Colorado shine through on all of the region’s bike trails, making for some truly memorable riding.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Mountain Biking in the Four Corners Region

I was there once, a beginner in the mountain bike community feeling intimidated by the sport. In that first year I took my bike to the Four Corners region of Colorado and was refreshed by the welcoming and non-pretentious spirit there. From confidence-boosting rides and welcoming folks at the local bike shops, I left the area feeling inspired and jazzed on mountain biking!

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Mesa Verde National Park by the Numbers


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Three Starry Nights in Mesa Verde Country, Colorado

In 2021, Mesa Verde National Park (MVNP) was certified as the world’s 100th International Dark Sky Park—the National Park Service’s ongoing efforts to preserve and protect our naturally dark skies. On your first night in the area, we recommend attending a ranger talk at the Morefield Campground Amphitheater in MVNP. Starting June 16th, the free ranger talks will be held three nights a week. The amphitheater is located at the end of the road in the campground and the presentations are 45-60 minutes long.

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Rooted in Recreation: A Local Perspective on Mountain Biking in Mesa Verde Country

Best “Trail System” I’ve ever ridden.”

Fantastic trail. Extremely fun. Fast-flowing track. This system is built well and maintained. It is a must-do for any mountain biker of any skill level.”

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Follow the Trail of the Ancients in Southwest Colorado

Historical evidence of the Ancestral Puebloan culture is scattered throughout the Colorado Plateau in the Four Corners region of the United States. Drive through this wildly beautiful desert landscape and explore some of the most fascinating historic sites along the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway in southwest Colorado.

This road trip features one national park, three national monuments, and endless views along the way.

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What’s Ours is Yours

Approximately one third of Mesa Verde Country is public land. That means it’s ours, and it’s also yours. We like to think of it as our backyard: a space we enjoy year-round and a space we’re happy to share with guests we hope will help us take care of it. We won’t make you mow the lawn or rake the leaves. Just keep a few simple things in mind to help us keep it pristine and healthy so we all (including the more wild residents) can continue to enjoy it for generations to come.

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Drei sternenklare Nächte im Mesa Verde Country, Colorado

Die südwestliche Region von Colorado, bekannt als Mesa Verde Country, heißt Besucher willkommen, um den Sternenhimmel zu erleben und alles zu erleben, was es nach Sonnenuntergang zu erleben gibt. Mesa Verde liegt im Zentrum des dunkelsten Himmels, der in den zusammenhängenden Vereinigten Staaten verbleibt, was es zu einem großartigen Ort macht, um Sterne zu beobachten, Astrofotografie zu betreiben und sich zu fragen, was die Ureinwohner von Pueblo vor einem Jahrtausend an eben diesem Himmel gesehen haben. Aber keine Sorge, es gibt auch tagsüber viel zu erleben!

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Über Mesa Verde Country

Mesa Verde Country liegt im Südwesten Colorados in der Nähe des Eingangs zum herrlichen Mesa Verde Nationalpark. Unsere gastfreundlichen Gemeinden Cortez, Dolores und Mancos bieten komfortable Unterkünfte, erstklassige Restaurants, Kleinbrauereien und Weinkellereien, alle Arten von Outdoor-Aktivitäten und Besucherdienste.

Der Park und die angrenzenden Gemeinden und Wildnisgebiete machen das Mesa Verde Country zu einem Reiseziel der Superlative und Schätze:

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Safe & Comfortable Lodging for Your 2021 Visit

Story & Photos by Emily Sierra Photography

For me, it’s what is on the outside that counts… at least when I’m traveling. I love to spend time exploring and recreating in the outdoors, and luckily Southwest Colorado is teeming with uncrowded outdoor spaces and fascinating, historic places to visit. Of course lodging and accommodations are a crucial piece to the travel puzzle. Fortunately, deciding where to stay inside during a pandemic is relatively simple in Mesa Verde Country, Colorado depending on your comfort level.

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Winter Activities Offering Outdoor Adventure

During the snowy season, outdoor winter activities offer a fun way to connect with nature and friends. Mesa Verde Country in Southwest Colorado invites you to get out in the sunshine and fresh air of the Four Corners region. Moderate winter temperatures in this unique location provide opportunities to soak up nature amid the beautiful backdrop of Southwest Colorado. Biking, skiing, hiking and horseback riding are a few of the experiences that can be enjoyed in a beautifully wintery setting.

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How to Cool Off On a Hot Day in Southwestern Colorado

Fishing in Colorado, Kayaking in Colorado, and much more

Although Southwestern Colorado enjoys four seasons, it’s no secret that summer afternoons can be real scorchers. Cool off with these five ideas that have you fishing gold-medal waters, plunging into alpine hot springs, wielding water noodles, and more.

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Dalle fattorie al divertimento: tutto quello che puoi trovare in Mesa Verde Country

Mesa Verde Country è pieno sia di antichi pueblos che del fascino tipico del sud-occidentale. Anche se il Parco Nazionale di Mesa Verde attira, giustamente, la maggior parte dei visitatori in questo angolo del Colorado, ci sono comunque molte altre cose da esplorare. Gli appassionati di storia e delle attività all’aria aperta apprezzeranno il ricco passato della regione ma avranno difficoltà nella scelta (c’è tanto da fare)! Inoltre, l’industria alimentare e delle bevande sono molto radicate nel territorio, ed i sapori sono deliziosi quanto locali. Ecco i miei suggerimenti per trascorrere alcuni giorni nel Mesa Verde Country.

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